Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WebDAV in openfiler

I could get the WebDAV working on openfiler to view the share thanks to Nautilus, the gnome file manager.
Here's how it looks:

To access a WebDAV share from Nautilus, goto File, Connect to server, choose WebDAV in the combo box on the top and enter your settings like:


  1. Sorry, a wrong place to leave this comment, but did you guys know that there's another ubuntUlogy.blogspot.com? I tried recalling your url and stumbled upon it instead. On second thoughts, maybe you did know it exists. :)

    Anyhoo, good going folks.... I envy the Linux fever you still have. 3 cheers!!! :D

  2. I did not know about ubuntUlogy.blogspot.com. Looked up that link and it seems to be rather dated!

    Linux fever is building bhau and it feels good. But, it feels bad when a day goes off without any Linux stuff!

    Anyway, its good to see you stopping by and commenting! Thank you Bhau.