Sunday, January 25, 2015

My subscription at

One learning site that impressed me a lot is Initially, I took the $25 basic plan (without download of the exercises/ project files.) and after 2 months (and $50 spent :-) ), I got this email which said that at $256, I could get a full year premium access and I signed up :-). This is one service that I think is pretty useful and worth the money spent on it. Some of my friends also have subscribed by paying about $75 for 3 months of basic access. What are the courses that interested me:
* Foundations of Programming series
* Series on Networking
* Code clinics in C++, Java, Python
* Many courses on Leadership (one thing to mention - Intelligent disobedience), Management
* CentOS, SSH
* Web services
* Databases - Postgres, MySQL, CouchDB
* iOS (getting started, gaming)

and many more...just pure awesomeness. Thank you