Monday, January 19, 2009

NFS up and running on Openfiler.

today morning, I was able to setup a client on my laptop running ubuntu to connect to the NFS server running on the Openfiler.

A while back, I had created a share on the Openfiler from the shares tab. I had to give access to the share using the network configuration. I tried giving 192.158.0.* so that all machines on my network could access the share, but don't know why it did not work. So, I created a specific entry with my laptop's ip address, gave it rw access for NFS.

Then, I used the configuration specified on the ubuntu forums for NFS and could copy a big video into the share after i 'mount'ed the share on my laptop.

I seem to have a problem on my laptop with the version of libc it is running, so, I had to manually pick up the nfs-common and the related debs and install them via dpkg.

So, this looks good so far.

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