Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tribute to a top coder who called himself humblefool...Harsha Suryanarayana

Some leave a lasting impression after just one meeting
Some don't even after many meetings
There are some who leave a lasting impression even when you don't meet them
They inspire by their deeds and philosophy towards life
One such person that i heard of recently went by the handle 'humblefool' on topcoder. His name - Harsha Suryanarayana.
He was a Red coder in topcoder, one of the firsts from India.
Sadly, he was recalled by God on June 15th 2014. He was just 32.
Here's a tribute published on him.
Look for his answers on Quora here.
His friend Animesh writes about him here.
Here's the youtube channel that he and his friends started. Just watched a few videos and I am guessing that this video on maximum sum sub array could have been his. Beautiful videos - thank you humblefool, Animesh and gang!
He was fondly called 'The Lord' and may 'The Lord' live in the great code that everyone writes.