Thursday, June 27, 2013

CP3: Chapter 1 problems progress

Section 1.3.3:
Solved Super easy problems: 
UVa 00272 - TEX quotes
UVa 11172 - Relational operators
UVa 11498 - Nlogonia
UVa 11727 - Cost Cutting
Solved Easy problems:
UVa 11942 - Lumberjack sequencing
UVa 11799 - Horror Dash
UVa 11559 - Event Planning (2)
Solved Medium problems:
UVa 00119 - Greedy gift givers
Section 1.4:
UVa 401 - Palindromes
10945 - Mother bear

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book: Competitive Programming 3 (CP3)

Got the book "Competitive Programming 3" from yesterday. Here's the supporting site for the book. The ebook is not going to be available until next year :( which is not a good thing for me. I like to search for content and the ebook would have been really good. I have the first edition of the ebook (bought it in place of buying the 2nd edition by mistake.) The first edition of the ebook is available for free from the supporting site.

This took about 23 days from the order date to reach India. Check the home page before you place the order because lulu could be offering some discounts. I did not check and probably lost saving 5%.

Lots of learning ahead.

Bought 2 more copies for my friends :-). Because of this book, I have solved 108 UVa problems now (5-Dec-2013)