Sunday, January 11, 2009

Openfiler...NAS in Linux

We were looking for a NAS in Linux and we came across Openfiler. Looks quite interesting. I have it installed on a system here at home. I was looking to administer it and ended up with my first ever chat on IRC. #openfiler on

Here's the chat script:
(07:41:26 IST) The topic for #openfiler is: ..::openfiler::.. - A place to talk about openfiler and SAN, please use a pastebin instead of flooding - Non openfiler? #san
(07:48:39 IST) raghav_n1: hi folks. i have just installed openfiler and was looking for some documents to manage/administer the system. but, i am unable to find them on is there some other place i need to look?
(07:49:30 IST) rafiu: raghav_n1: forums is a very good place to start
(07:49:34 IST) rafiu:
(07:50:42 IST) raghav_n1: thank you! i am looking at the forums now.
(07:54:13 IST) Stanlin: raghav_n1: it is going to crash
(07:54:41 IST) rafiu: Stanlin: what's up with you?
(07:55:45 IST) raghav_n1: Stanlin: sorry, i did not understand what you meant
(08:01:53 IST) Stanlin: raghav_n1: OF is amazing.. keep using
(08:03:16 IST) Stanlin: rafiu: joking man
(08:06:46 IST) raghav_n1: Stanlin: i am beginning to get a feel of OF. looking into the forums to get my OF up and running. OF looks good to me!
(08:07:11 IST) Stanlin: raghav_n1: its so easy, boot it, open the web interface, click here there... voila
(08:10:10 IST) raghav_n1: Stanlin: i am sure it is. just that i need to get used to it a bit.
(08:15:24 IST) Stanlin: well depends on your experience, was like 5 mins for me

Got to get this working!

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