Thursday, January 29, 2009

web programming in python

A while back, Prasad and I managed to do some web programming in Python using the tutorial: We dived directly into mod_python and hacked up a python script that took a link it and downloaded it to the home folder. We used wget -c to do that.

When we wanted to download torrents, we came across aria2c that could handle all kinds of downloads. We tried putting it in place of wget, but somehow, it did not work. It is been quite a while since we got back onto that.

From 2 days, I have been trying to get the openfiler to give me the same functionality, but could not succeed using mod_python (though I downloaded it from the openfiler conary repository; Apache complains of a version mismatch). So, I went the CGI way and got some basic scripts working.

Have multiple ways to do web programming is a big boon! What next?

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