Friday, February 22, 2008

pdfsam to merge PDF files

I downloaded the tarball of the ldd3 (Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition) from BTW, I also have the printed book with me. I like to search for things in the book, so, a PDF is great. But, I saw that individual chapter PDFs were present after untarring. I like to have a single PDF file, right? So, I zoomed into pdfsam (, a free open source PDF split/merge utility. I downloaded/installed/ran it to merge all the PDF files. It is a very simple utility and did its job really well. I am now enjoying ldd3.pdf, a single PDF file created out of all the individual chapters. It was a breeze :-)

Thank you to the LWN/O'Reilly people for making the PDF available for free download.
Thank you to the people at pdfsam for the lovely utility.

On a related note, Jon Corbet, one of the authors of ldd3 gave a talk at titled - The Kernel Report. Here's the link -

Open source rules!!!

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