Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Surfing the Internet via Ubuntu and WiMax

I took a Reliance WiMax connection at home and guess what, the guys who came for installation did not know how to configure the connection in Linux although it was just a LAN connection. But, one of the guys had heard of Linux.

I was having trouble with getting an IP from the DHCP server, so, after a few phone calls, 2 tech guys came home. One said - If it were someone else, they wouldn't even help you in fixing the problem! That was some statement to make. All that he did was to telnet into the WiMax receiver and change its configuration to stop signals from interfering with the good one.

I told the guy to learn new things instead of refusing to learn :-) Also told him that everything I was using was free and showed him the website.

I just wonder, these tech guys might be visiting at least 4 customers each day and in all these days, they haven't even seen one single Linux machine! Well at least now they have :-)

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