Monday, January 7, 2008

How I got into Linux

Saw a friend of mine install RedHat around 1999 I suppose and I don't know why, I got interested to try out. Did not do much for a long time after that except installing it at home and burning fingers (because of my own inexperience). I tried something on Karthik/Ram's machine in Mysore and crashed the entire thing! They were graceful to let me go without abuses. I have an old workstation in office running Linux for a long time. I was tempted to give it up, but upgraded to Ubuntu Gutsy and I still use it.

Right now, I've setup the Old HP Pavilion PC at home entirely on Ubuntu Gutsy which works amazingly well for me. I have another PC newly assembled that will serve as the host for some of our ideas. We will post those experiments here.

Radha breathed life back into my Linux passion and it is an honour to be partnering with him. He pointed me to the in Bangalore which brought me memories of attending LinuxBangalore in 2002 with Bhatta, Niranjan and Sunil.

At I was fortunate to attend these talks:
* Giving back to the community: how does Debian perform by Sam Hocevar
* Contributing to Debian for dummies, Internationalization in Debian by Christian Perrier
* Why/How you should become a Kernel Hacker by James Morris
* lguest by Rusty Russell
* Demystifying GCC by Abhijat Vichare
* From User to Hacker in 90 minutes (in unison with Shreyas Srinivasan) by Andrew Cowie
* Contributing to the Runtime by Ulrich Drepper
* talloc - the power of C by Rusty Russell
* The realtime pre-emption path by Thomas Gleixner
Each talk left me inspired, nothing less.

Talks I wish I could've attended:
* Openmoko talk by Harald welte. (I wish to buy the Neo 1973 for my next mobile)
* Talks by Lennart Poettering, Rasmus Lerdorf (creator of PHP), Naba Kumar (creator of Anjuta)

p.s: I guess all this will be a surprise to Radha himself ;-)

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