Friday, December 12, 2008

Beagleboard - Grand Plan!

As my beagle was on its way, Me had started reading through various resources and gathering all possible information, trying to chalk out a plan about what to do once the board was in my hands.

Found these resources very helpful:
The beagleboard shopping list was pretty impressive. The minimalist kit listed out very well, all the minimum requirements and Section IV: Powering your Beagleboard explained in a concise manner, the various ways of powering up the Beagle board.

Roughly, this is my plan:
  1. First, boot up the board and have one of the demo images up and running so Me knows that everything on the board is working fine. In fact, this Beagleboard diagnostics page listed tests that would check every aspect of the board. Me was going to run these diagnostics on my beagle.
  2. Familiarize myself with the System Reference Manual.
  3. Get into exploring installing booting Linux on Beagle and enabling various peripherals.
  4. Work towards building a Car PC/ PVR for myself.
Was sure there would be obstacles to overcome. And frustrating moments too. Again, was hoping that Me'd have it in me to come over all those and stick to plan!


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