Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beagle - a push for innovation?

Opensource, Me believes thrives and has been so successful 'cause of the very tenets on which its based on - Freedom and community spirit. The freedom to modify software to suit one's needs, and the willingness to share information freely with the rest of the community have attracted me towards opensource stuff. Today, Me strongly believes in opensource and the qualities it brings to software/ hardware.

Beagle being opensource, Me believes, will foster in a lot of innovation. Me thinks that very soon, we'll have products being developed and shipped based on the design/ modified designs of Beagle. Me believes that the automotive infotainment space, personal PVR and projection systems will be the areas where Beagle will foster some good innovation. Mobiles and MIDs might be the other area.

To begin with, Me intends to use Beagle primarily for these purposes:
  1. To explore the world of ARM and Embedded Linux
  2. To try and see if Me can make a full fledged Car PC for myself. (More on that in a later post)
Here's wishing Me and my beagle the very best!

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