Saturday, December 8, 2012

ArsDigita: Discrete Math: Prof.Shai Simonson

I have been fortunate to have come to know of the videos from the courses taught by Prof.Shai Simonson at ArsDigita University ( Here are the links:
1. Discrete Mathematics:
2. Algorithms:
My friends (Radha, Prasad, Subbu) and I ordered the DVDs and we have the complete collection of the courses.

I particularly like the courses taught by Prof.Shai and interestingly enough, some of the material that he goes over have appeared in the interviews I have been to. Also, I got to see the video of Proj.Jerry Sussman of the 'Structure and Interpretations of Computer Programs' fame talking about his experiences. Wonderful.

I came across these videos because another friend Malatesh shared them with me many years ago. Thank you Malto.

I am enjoying these videos and the learning that comes from them.

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